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Fire-fighting systems - Water-based fire-fighting systems

Water-based fire-fighting systems

Water-based systems are used for protecting fire scenarios where the main hazard is fire spread caused primarily by thermal radiation. A typical example are fires at tank farms and bulk storage facilities where, besides extinguishing the main spill fire, a quick and powerful cooling is required for protecting adjacent surfaces from radiated heat.
Typical water-based fire-fighting systems are Deluge Systems, dry pipe and wet pipe fire Sprinkler Systems, or Preaction Systems, hybrids of deluge and sprinkler systems.
Besides the above mentioned fixed systems, other water-based extinguishing systems are water branch pipes and hydraulic nozzles with adjustable spray pattern, both to be installed on monitors, or else hand operated water branch pipes, in different models and capacities, to connect to fire hydrants by means of flexible sleeves, for a more capillary action and close to minor spills.

SDM Antincendio manufacture the entire range of water-based fire-fighting equipment and systems with different grades of water atomization, depending on the types of system described here above.